If the history of BMX racing in the UK interests you, check out UK BMX History on Facebook, and their website.

There's also this great page, collecting great images from the 1980s!

The 1980s were huge for British BMX. Kelloggs sponsored the race series and iconic brands had equally iconic bikes, the Raleigh Burner being the most notable domestic example. Races had over a thousand competitors and there were tracks the length of the country. 1986 saw Slough host the World Championships.

The 1990s had highs and lows, with Dale Holmes's victory in another UK hosted World Championships, this time in Brighton, being a highpoint.

The sport went through big changes as the 21st Century dawned, with manufacturers having turned to aluminium for frames and clip-in pedals now the norm. BMX racing was introduced to the Olympics in 2008, thrusting the sport with the little bikes onto the biggest stage.

We're now experiencing more growth, with new tracks being built across the country and the £20 million Indoor BMX Centre in Manchester symbolic of the sport's status as a discipline to take seriously.

BMX Racing has been around for a while....

beginning as a californian craze in the 1970's it's now an olympic discipline!