The Brits isn't about points. 

There are no B Finals.

The winner of each class is awarded the coveted 01 plate, showing that they're BRITISH CHAMPION, which they can run the following season. 

The Brits is a colourful affair - each region have their own colours, reflected below; 

Riders must compete on the correct number plate as follows

Regional Colours,  plate colours and region suffix.
Midlands - Red plate with white numbers Suffix .1
South West- Light Green with black numbers Suffix .2
East Anglia - Yellow plate with black numbers Suffix .3
North (& IOM) - White with black numbers Suffix .4 (IOM should be a single digit followed by M)
South - Blue plate with white numbers Suffix .5
Scotland - Black plate with white numbers Suffix .6

Championship class riders will compete on their National Series plates. 


The Brits is not an open event; racers wishing to compete must firstly qualify through their home region's race series. 

Each region will set how many races must be completed to earn a trophy, but the qualification criteria for the Brits is set by British Cycling and standard across all the regions. 

British Championships Qualification Criteria;

The Brits. The biggest event on the uk race calendar!

A festival of bmx racing not to be missed.

The British BMX Championships, known within the sport as The Brits, is the traditional last big event of the racing year. Recently there have been Nationals and Euros after The Brits, but for the most part the Championships are seen as the finale to the domestic racing season.